Ethne is passionate about changing, shaping, and empowering the lives of women and children of all people groups.

the problem

The focus of our efforts is to eliminate the double jeopardy of poverty and its manifestations that hinder the empowerment of women and children.

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More than 700 million people live in extreme poverty today, surviving on less than $1.90 a day and struggling to fulfill their most basic needs. Poverty, and its innumerable manifestations, hinder accessibility to resources in health, education, and career—especially for women and children. 

how we tackle it

Ethne engages in the following three steps in order to provide a holistic approach in restoring vulnerable communities: prevention and rescue, rehabilitation, empowerment, and sustainability.

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prevent & rescue

prevent & rescue

We partner with organizations that aim to prevent and rescue women and young children from the depths of trafficking. Through the use of sensitization sessions, research, awareness campaigns, and rescue teams, we liberate victims from dangerous or impoverished conditions, where their unfavorable circumstances may be exploited by predatory measures.



Once rescued, we rehabilitate survivors by providing shelter, basic necessities, as well as medical and nutritional needs. We offer a safe space for women and girls to receive counseling, health services, legal aid, adult literacy, and identity documents for them to access government services.

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Finally, we empower women and children through comprehensive education and vocational training in order to sustainably assist them for the benefit of their own futures, families, and communities. We ensure their protection and wellbeing by promoting good health and nutrition, as well as facilitating education and life skills. 

our partners

Become a partner! We would love to partner with like-minded organizations to further the causes that we are passionate about. Email for more details. 

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