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The only way to break the cycle of generational poverty for vulnerable communities is to provide individuals with an opportunity to earn an income and be able to have a sustainable future. This can only happen through education. A significant education gap has persisted throughout the years for vulnerable children all over the world. Because of the ill manifestations of the double jeopardy of poverty, children are often forced into manual or sexual labor. Our goal is to build future leaders in the community by not only supporting education but providing mentorship opportunities that ensure that students from vulnerable backgrounds can succeed in their academic career and grow to be change makers in the society.


Left at the children’s home along with her two younger sisters, Meha (name changed), who was 8 years old then, graduated high school in 2021 and wished to pursue a degree in general nursing. Being an orphan Meha had no one to financially support her tuition but had a deep desire to have a career that will allow her to take care of her younger sisters and other less fortunate children. With the support of amazing donors like yourself, Meha is now the beneficiary of Ethne’s Mentorship program, where she will not only be provided with financial aid for her tuition, but will also receive mentorship and networking opportunities that ensure her professional success in the coming years.

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