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Fear vs Courage

The clock strikes, it is the darkest hour of the night. Like cinderella you try to run and hide, and you wonder if the depths of your fear will forever reside. If the waters will overtake you leaving nothing behind. The doubt of ages enters your mind, doing their best to remind, you your crimes. What if you fail this time? Unable to speak, the art of silence, your heart becomes the master of mime. The enemy stands his ground and you under his spell, bound not knowing the imposter for who he is. A thief, a cheat, a liar in brief who fosters and feeds on your moments of grief. Uncertain of what is to come, you look for hope for tomorrow. If the future will hold the reflection of your dreams, if you will ever amount to more than what the enemy said you would be.

It is then that you hear a quiet whisper in your ear do not worry my dear, your Saviors here. For it is in the midst of the darkest places, that true love truly chases. And how fierce the love of the one who pursues, for what He has started he will see through. Not even for a moment His eyes wander. He does not slumber he does not sleep but goes after the one lost sheep. So even in your hardest days remember you are always in his gaze. Your beginning and end were written before the universe was born and God himself a vow to you has sworn that you may not be lost, redeemed at an unpayable cost.

Do not forget in whose image you were conceived, whose identity you were assigned. You are not an ordinary design, before you, even the angels resign. Every step ahead leaves defeat behind for you are walking towards the gates of victory, already won by the one whose words are obeyed by even the waves and the sun. It is in times of fear that you will learn to steer clear, the ship of your faith in the midst of the storm. That you will be brave enough to stand out from the norm, understand fully what it means to transform into an image bearer of the most High, not afraid to live or to die for life and death are mere passages that lead to His throne. Whatever it may be that life throws at you, all the good you did not do, the moments you failed to be true, nothing can separate you from the one who called your name.

You see because courage is not the absence of fear. On the contrary, courage requires, demands a man to be afraid. For how else will you conquer what is not made. The fear of the unknown is not justified in the hearts of men who are formed by the will of the creator who knows it all. The number of sand in the shore and the stars in the sky, the substance of seconds in the day before they pass by, every nook every corner of the world, every breath, every tear in your eye. For nothing has ever existed beyond His voice, and yet He still looked upon you and me as His choice. So know that fear is only a whim, momentarily here to remind you that we are already conquerors through Him.

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