We are excited to announce our new journey with Ethne, a non-profit organization that empowers vulnerable women and children. My wife Binu and I have prayerfully decided to leave our current stations and step out in faith to partner with the Sunflower project run by Bethesda Life Center (BLC) in Goa, India founded by Martin and Beena. Through the sunflower project, women and girls have been rescued from the depths of trafficking and depression to provide renewed hope and a new way of life. 

Our Story

We as children of immigrant parents from India have a connection to our heritage through our family and friends. The occasional visits to India have kept us aware of our identity and history. One day Binu got the opportunity to visit Mumbai. During her time there, she stopped at a red light and noticed a little girl about 10 yrs old, with her little brother on her hip and another toddler holding onto her hand. Binu helped the girl with some money she had but it was the image of these children that were permanently implanted into her mind. As a result, Binu shared her passion with friends and started supporting and visiting children's homes in Goa and Kerala personally for many years. An encounter she had 20 yrs ago has continued to grow deeper and stronger. In January of 2018, God stirred our hearts to consider doing more with our passion than just support these causes financially. We felt the tugging to turn our passion to a purpose. After much prayer and discussion, we took an initial trip to Goa in the fall of 2019. During this time, we sensed a drawing to consider the struggle of these rejected, HIV positive women that have come out of the sex trade. We felt that an opportunity was made available for us to help with a program to teach, empower, and enable these women to become self-sufficient by learning a trade.

Why Goa?

Goa is a state in India comprising a mainland district on the country's southwestern coast and an offshore Island. Formerly a Portuguese possession, it became a part of India in 1962 and attained statehood in 1987 with a population of about 1.5 million. The trafficking of women and children is on the rise in Goa. Being a prime location, Goa acts as a source as well as a tourist route for human trafficking. Eighteen years ago, Beena was moved by the desperate condition of an HIV positive mother and took a step by supplying her with formula feed for her baby since she could not breastfeed due to being HIV positive. Today 400 women infected by HIV are currently registered with the Sunflower project in Goa and 150 of them gather monthly at the centre for medical evaluation, counselling, encouragement, and fellowship. We earnestly desire and feel the call to support. both financially and physically, this project to further the reason in seeing these women learn a trade that would ultimately provide the means to become self-sufficient. 

Our Mission

"Empower women through the Ethne.hope program to become self-sufficient, restore dignity, and bring hope.”

Our Objective

Our objective is to provide these women with a tailoring program that could potentially provide them with an income and means to support their families.

How can you help make this happen?


  • We are believing for great things to happen with this project to have a life-changing impact on these vulnerable and neglected women.

  • Please pray for us as we move to Goa to turn this vision into purpose.

  • For the team, workers and partners to be added to this cause along the journey.




  • Click here or donate below to give to the sunflower project in Goa. You will receive a receipt for each tax-deductible gift. Your giving will staff salaries, medicines, monthly grocery packages, self help loans, and monthly meeting lunch expenses of the sunflower project.




  • We welcome those who would like to visit the project and various children's homes to see first-hand the impact it is having in each life. We will give you more details in the future.


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