About  Us

We believe that each one of us is meant for a purpose beyond our imagination.

Martin Luther King Jr. said “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Freedom is never free. At Ethne we recognize the need to stand against social evils that bind our world and fight for freedom that belongs to every human being. 


Our Vision

To see women and children of all people groups freed and living a life to their fullest potential.

Our Mission


Ethne uses a person’s passion as a tool to bring awareness to social injustices and to empower vulnerable women and children.

We partner with organizations to promote positive social change and empowerment. 

We provide opportunities for individuals to use their passion toward a greater purpose - the liberation and empowerment of vulnerable women and children.

Meet  the Team


Founder, Visionary, and President


Founder, Board of Directors

Dalton’s story started before he was born, before he even had breath in his lungs, or a voice to sing. Although Dalton came to the US to pursue a Master's degree and climb the corporate ladder, life had a different plan for him. There were many instances when Dalton faced life-threatening situations that changed his perspective about what it meant to truly be alive. “Ethne” a word that means nations or people groups was laid in Dalton’s heart as a reminder that we are called to do more with our lives. True passion always finds its purpose and Dalton wants to see Ethne grow into a purpose even bigger than his own existence. In April of 2018, Dalton married Stephy and together they continue to pursue their life purpose to empower the vulnerable.


Secretary, Board of Directors

Program Director,

Women Empowerment

Nan wears many hats at Ethne. Nan streamlines ideas for Ethne.Life and puts into perspective the importance of being authentic. Nan has had a deep love in her heart for other cultures from a very young age. She has continued to grow that passion through the years and it has led her into serving with ministries and non=profits around the world. Nan wants to see Ethne grow into a platform that helps the underprivileged of society to find hope.


Board of Directors 

Program Representative

Growing up Binu spent a short time in Kerala, memories that she treasures even as an adult today. Even at a young age, Binu enjoyed playing with the local village kids and shared everything she had with them. Binu attended a school where children from a nearby orphanage also attended and this was the first time she noticed her heart for underprivileged children. Binu moved to the US as a teenager and continued her journey through life. One day Binu got the opportunity to visit Mumbai. During her time there, she stopped at a red light and noticed a little girl, about 10 years old, with her little brother on her hip and another toddler holding onto her hand. Binu helped the girl with some money she had but it was the image of those children that were permanently implanted in Binu’s mind. Binu shared her passion with friends and started supporting and visiting children’s homes in Goa and Kerala personally for many years. An encounter she had 20 years ago has continued to grow deeper and stronger the vision that was placed in her life and Binu hopes that Ethne will grow into a ministry that truly showcases love to the less fortunate. 

Midhun and Sneha both were born in India and grew up in the US and Canada respectively. Growing up in homes where their parents worked tirelessly to move across countries and learn the ways of new lands, they noticed the sacrifice their parents made to provide a better future for their children through education. After recent visits to India, Midhun and Sneha realized that they wanted less fortunate children on the streets of India to have this same opportunity to receive an education that provides them a secure future. They also want these children to experience true love so that they have faith and hope in knowing that they are taken care of. They believe Ethne will be like hands and feet that carry love to the weak and weary, bringing life and joy to those that have never known it. 


Director of Operations,

Board of Directors


Treasurer, Board of Directors

Sunil brings together various digital platforms for Ethne that widen our reach by empowering our board, volunteers, and partners. His training and expertise in Technology and Cyber Security enables Ethne to ensure resources are used effectively and securely. Sunil came to the US for his Masters and is working full-time in a corporate setting but his desire to serve the impoverished through love lead him to Ethne.



Director of Technology,

Board of Directors 

Annie was born and raised in Gujarat, India. Growing up in Gujarat, Annie had seen firsthand both the extremely poor and rich coexisting simultaneously on the busy streets of India. As a young woman, Annie got the opportunity to move to the US where she pursued the American dream. Although a successful Research Manager, Annie felt restless and knew she needed to help the neglected and abused children she had often seen begging on the streets in India. This realization soon became a burden and a passion for Annie and she dreamed of one day being able to make a difference in the lives of those children. Annie met like-minded people in her life who shared a similar burden. Annie hopes that Ethne will bless and transform the lives of many children who are underprivileged and grow into a ministry that reflects true love. 


Program Director,

Children Empowerment




We encourage and support people in the use of their skills and passion for the social good.



We live in a broken world but together we can make a difference. We partner with organizations to promote positive social change and empowerment. 


We serve our beneficiaries not just to meet their need for the present but so that they can be truly empowered and self sustained for the future.

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All donations in the United States are tax-deductible in full or part.
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