We believe passion serves as a tool to find purpose. Our mission is to authentically empower vulnerable communities and raise awareness about the social injustices happening in every nation. We want to change the world, one community at a time, empowering women and children of all people groups to be free to live a life at their fullest potential. 

the meaning




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derived from the Greek root word, 'ethnos,' meaning foreign nations, the name ethne is given to represent the collective body of Earth's diverse nations and people groups.

The word 'Ethne' was laid in our founder and visionary Dalton's heart as a reminder that we are called to lead meaningful lives, serving one another beyond the scope of our geographical constraints. 

the people

Dalton Divakaran

Founder, President

Stephy Divakaran

Founder, Board of Directors

Nan Bronnenberg

Secretary, Board of Directors, Program Director, Co-founder

Midhun John

Director of Operations, Board of Directors, Co-founder

Sneha Grace Koshy

Treasurer, Board of Directors, Co-founder

Sunil Prabhakaran

Director of Technology, Board of Directors, Co-founder

Binu Varghese

Program Representative, Board of Directors, Co-founder

James Varghese

Program Representative,


Annie Mathew

Program Director, Co-founder